Two of my great passions in life are travel and photography. Through my photography I strive to document my own personal experiences and to capture the incredible beauty that surrounds us at every turn. My goal is to provide an experience for the viewer as if they were there first hand. 

I grew up in Southern California and eventually came up North to go to school in Santa Cruz. There I became enamored with the forests and fog and the ruggedness of the coast. I started taking pictures on hikes and quickly fell in love.  

In 2001 I had the fortunate opportunity to live in Paris, France for two years. There I studied photography more formally. My days were filled with black and white shoots in all the well known Parisian places. I also traveled extensively throughout Europe documenting my journeys on film. 

Currently I live in beautiful Sonoma County, California. Here I have the country, vineyards and the coast at my disposal. My primary focus is landscape photography but I have also been known to show botanical macro pieces as well.  

Photography is a powerful medium and my choice for creative expression. It has the amazing ability to convey emotion and feeling to the viewer. It can transport someone to a time and place as if they had been there themselves. I can take my love for nature and put that in an image to share with the world.