How to choose wall art for minimalist interior design

Do you love minimalism?  Here are some ideas for using wall art in your decor. 

From its very definition, minimalism style does not seem to allow for any decor. 

But surfing through images of the coolest and the most sophisticated minimalism-styled interiors on social media and in design magazines, we often notice that wall art is the signature element of the minimalist style. 

To understand the role of wall art in minimalism and how to pick up a perfect piece for your interior, let's dig into the essence of this popular sophisticated design trend. Minimalism that we know today is a happy marriage of the most understated customs – Japanese and Nordic.

Seemingly unrelated these cultures hold common values and approaches to life, décor, and aesthetics. Appreciation of nature and desire to live in balance with it, the sophistication of simplicity, and putting thought into the image are the criteria that determine minimalism as we know it today. 

According to this style furniture becomes mostly functional and steps back, letting light, air and open spaces become the main decorative elements, wall art takes the important role of mood-creator, expression, and the glue between what we see in a room and how we feel in it.

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Minimalism Photography 

When it comes to minimalism wall art decoration, most people imagine one-line sketches, abstract geometric or monochrome images. 

This might have become an iconic vision, but design trends are moving forward and photography rules over paintings and graphics today. Here are several tips that will help you pick a perfect piece of trendy wall art for your minimalism interior.


Color is an important distinctive feature of minimalism. 

Due to the eco-awareness and consciousness that it preaches, minimalism mostly uses earthy colors and textures. 

While picking a wall art piece, make sure to stick to this principle. But You don't have to make all the interior monochrome. 

Moreover, a picture in a color contrast to the room interior, but conducted in the same earthy theme becomes a perfect focal point.


Since minimalism is all about airy open spaces and freedom, it is a good idea to pick wall art that holds the same theme. 

Seascapes, wide-open fields, and wild landscapes are not only a perfect way to liven up the interior but an ultimate expression of the 

basic principle of minimalism.

gravitational pull

Using wall art in a minimalism interior is a great opportunity to adopt all the hottest design trends of 2021 at once. 

Choose an oversized piece that will fill up all wall surfaces, address flashy and bright elements or colors, pay attention to powerful images with strong statements and a lot of room 

for imagination – all those are principles that form the design concepts right now and they fit perfectly into minimalism interiors.

Use these tips to choose your decor so you don't get deceived and end up in a bleak, faceless interior without character. Wall art is a witty creative element that turns an understated interior into a sophisticated design.

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