How to use colorful art in your décor

Wondering how to use color in your home decor? HERE ARE some tips for Decorating with colorful art

The power of color is undeniable. We use it to express our feelings, set the mood, draw attention, or pull together a sophisticated interior. How to decorate with color is up to you. 

Do you want your interior to have a soothing and relaxing effect or one that energizes you and boosts up your mood? 

The therapeutic effect of color is scientifically proven and is widely used not only in home décor but interior design for offices and commercial spaces as well as marketing and advertising.

But as usual, with great power comes great responsibility. There is a thin line between energizing your interior with colorful wall art pieces and making it tastelessly fussy. 

In case you don't have much experience with interior design, the wide choice of opportunities and a constant flow of ideas from social media may become pretty overwhelming. 

Here are some fundamental tips that may help you make a decision when you want to pick a stylish and appropriate colorful wall art piece for your interior.

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Less is more, but the bigger – the better!

Sounds quite controversial, right? 

But here is the deal – when adding a colorful piece of art, you don't want to turn your room into a gallery souvenir shop. 

That is why one powerful piece of wall art is more than enough to make the statement and not slip into oblivion of gaudiness.

At the same time, for the best effect, choose large pieces, those that take all the available surface and become the star of the show in your interior. That is how you create the perfect space without having to worry about matching too many elements.

Black and white are also colors!

Talking about colorful wall art and focal points we mostly think of bright, flashy tones.

But black and white also has what it takes to make a powerful color statement in an interior. 

Intriguing images or airy snowy landscape photography – they set the mood, create atmosphere and may energize or draw attention even better than candy-colored pieces.

Everything is better in TWos

To avoid the "golden tooth" effect that colorful art pieces can create in a room--you know the thing you can’t stop staring at. 

Try to think in twos.

If you like an image but not sure that it goes with anything in your interior, support it with a complementing partner. 

Those might be images in the same color palette, same topic, or even colorful and monochrome variants of the same photo. 

It already feels great once you manage to find an art piece that you like. So why not double the joy?

Wall art is what finalizes your interior design, ties all the elements together, and allows you to express yourself fully. 

Use this opportunity to turn any room into a functional space, which will set the proper mood, inspire, and become your ultimate happy place. 

Unlike choosing furniture or fabrics, wall art allows you to be spontaneous and even a little crazy.  Experiment and dare to make the unconventional choice!

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