Just Beyond

This photo is the featured piece at my current Riverfront Art Gallery show in Petaluma and it was also chosen to be highlighted in the Images 2020 show in San Rafael. The image was taken in 2015 at Pierce Point Ranch in Point Reyes, California. 

To date it is my most popular and most-sold piece. That said, when I show this photo at art fairs, I tend to get a mixture of reactions. Some love the unusual focus and abstractness of it, and others will say point-blank “this is out of focus, why do you even have it displayed?” Art is subjective, and the beauty of it is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and interpretation. 

For me, this piece presents an interesting test. It reminds me of those pictures you see on Facebook, where they show you an image made up of two things and ask you which you see first which is supposed to tell you about your personality. I think this image does the same thing. What do you see first? Do you notice the texture and color of the in-focus fence, or do you see the blurred shape of the barn and out buildings behind it? 

Perhaps if you see the fence first, you are a person who lives in the present moment… someone who focuses in on what’s in front of you right here, right now. Perhaps if you see the blurred buildings first, you are more concerned with what the future will bring, skipping over what’s right in front of you at this moment. To me, the image reflects a truth about reality: the things that are happening in this exact moment are crystal clear and are the only things which are truly in focus. The future is always blurry, because there is no telling what it will inevitably hold. I find this to be a distinct example of art imitating life. 

People often ask me how I came about taking this picture, and I think the answer kind of funny. I took my kids out for a hike to see the Tule Elk, as it was rutting season, and the Pierce Point Ranch is just at the entrance to the hiking trail. Before the hike, we spent a good hour or more wandering around, taking photos of the grounds and inside the ranch itself. Just as we were leaving to begin the hike, I looked over my shoulder and there was the shot, waiting for me. It was a quick snap that turned out to be not only the best shot of the day, but my most popular piece to date! It’s also a beautiful example of the fact that we never know what the future holds. We only know what we see in the present moment, and that the moment should always be seized! 


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