The 4 Hottest Wall Art Design Trends for 2021

Looking for home decor inspiration? Here are the 4 hottest wALL ART DESIGN TRENDS for 2021

Rainy Day in the Late Autumn Vineyard

Ask any interior designer, and you will hear that wall art is the ultimate magic wand that will instantly tie all the elements together and enhance any room. 

Whether we are talking about home or office, a light airy atmosphere or a strong statement with powerful focus points – there is a piece of wall art that will do the job!  

No wonder wall art became one of the main design trends in 2021. When furniture becomes mostly minimalistic and functional, the whole decorative feature is focused on the way you decorate your walls today. 

Here are the hottest wall art design trends in 2021.

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#1 Trio Photography

Combining three pictures into one composition is called a triptych. 

It is a witty move when you want to create an original design and set the mood in the room, without having to overthink every small detail. 

The trio photography wall art trend 2021 may be embodied in 2 different ways: you may either divide 1 big picture into 3 pieces as shown here in my Sleeping Giants Limited Edition

or pick 3 pictures with a similar theme or color palette and put them next to each other, like this trio of Foundation, Structural Bones and Just Beyond.

#2 Large Canvases

The times of covering your walls with numerous small pictures are gone for good. 

This year designers are obsessed with large-scale images. Put those pictures into a massive frame, and you will get an even more impressive luxurious effect. 

An airy and frameless picture will expand the space and become a window to your happy place. 

By the way, big canvases are not meant exclusively for living rooms or bedrooms anymore. Putting a large-scale canvas wall art in a bathroom, kitchen, or nursery is one of the most innovative wall art trends today.

Check out this version of Carpe Diem. Who wouldn't want to see that view everyday.

#3 Into the wild

We`ve been sitting at home too much. 

No wonder large photos of nature, wild animals, or wide-open spaces are becoming increasingly popular in wall art design today. 

Being stuck in dusty cities and the four walls of their houses for too long in 2020, people are looking for a mental escape. 

This might be the main reason why paintings and abstract wall art take a step back, making room for nature and wildlife photography, which reminds us that soon enough we shall pack out bags, hop on planes and go back to exploring the world. 

Breathe in the calm of Quiet Musings.

#4 Strong Statement Pieces

When you want your wall art to create a powerful focal point in your interior space, you might enjoy another exciting trend of the upcoming season. 

Photos and images where one object fills the entire frame, not leaving much visible background, will become the ultimate gravitational pull in any interior. 

Those may be portraits, images of animals, buildings or macro photography (such as Rununculus). They instantly draw a viewer`s attention and stimulate imagination without revealing too much context. 

You may find a piece that matches the color palette of your room for the ultimate linking effect, or vice versa, choosing powerful contrasting colors that will give the art the leading role in the interior. 

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